• Books



When entering edit mode (upper right-hand corner), you will be able to delete books.

Items listed in blue indicates the book has not been read conversely items in black indicate the item has been read.

Books can be viewed in entirety or by a collection/tag (subset). Books can be sorted by title, main author, copyright, genre, rating, date read, own status, format, series, loan status, price, publisher, custom fields or collection (if applicable). 


The tab bar on the bottom screen provides you with the ability to switch between these views. Selecting "More" from the tab bar gives you the option to select from a sort method not initially visible. From the "More" screen select "Edit" in the upper right-hand corner to drag any desired options to the tab bar. Only four sort options can be displayed at once. Once you have your optimal configuration, select "Done". Your configuration will automatically be saved. To get back to the "Home" screen from the "More" screen, you need to select an icon from the tab bar (other than More) and the "Home" button will reappear in the navigation bar in the upper left-hand corner.  The artwork for the books can also be viewed by turning your iPhone/iPod Touch horizontally.


Press "Filter/Sort" to display the view that will allow you to sort and or filter.  Pressing these fields will open their respective windows for altering how the books are ordered and displayed.  To clear the filter options, select the "x" next to the field that is to be cleared.  The artwork for the books may also be viewed by pressing the artwork button.

Adding a new book

Select "New" in the upper right hand corner to add a new book.

There are three options to add a new book (unless Input Method has been changed under Settings).



Once you have entered a title, author, and/or isbn, you can press the search (magnifying glass) button to look up possible matches via Google's Book Search. A title is required before the book can be saved to your database.

If you select "Cancel" before your changes have been saved, you will be prompted to save or discard your changes before returning to the previous screen.

The camera icon will give you options to add a cover image from your library or (if you have a camera on your device) will allow you to take a picture.

It is also possible to use the ISBN Scanner by selecting ISBN and pressing "ISBN Reader."


Search Form

Enter an ISBN/ASIN or a title/author.  After pressing the search button, a screen will appear to allow you to select the book you wish to add.  If you wish to select multiple books at a time, please use the author interface.


ISBN Scanner

A scanner (based on your Scanner Settings) will open and allow you to scan the ISBN/EAN code on your book.  UPC codes can not be used to identify a unique record.  Paperback books often have EAN codes on the inside cover.  If "Batch Scanning" is turned on, the scanner will continue until you press DONE.  Once the scans are complete, the search will automatically be performed.

Search Books

Titles can be searched within your database by entering a keyword in the search bar at the top of the view. This will show only the books that contain that string in its title. When finished, clear the string and select "Cancel".