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Use of sharing information through Community is entirely optional.  No information will be shared unless you make a request to do so.

You can view community posts whether or not you choose to share information yourself.


The privacy setting allows you to randomize the geo-location post to within the distance set.  "0 miles" will post the exact location provided when sharing information.  This privacy setting is not disclosed when uploading information, so it can be assumed that no location is precise.

Goodreads, Facebook, and Twitter accounts can be linked here.  Once logged in, default feed integrations can be set.  You will also be able to download your library from Goodreads once you associate your account.


Press Community -> Profile.  Log in to your Goodreads account. Once your account is linked there will be an "Account Transfer" button. Press that to download your library.

The Goodreads transfer page allows you to download the books logged in your Goodreads account to Book Crawler and, conversely, to upload the books stored in Book Crawler to Goodreads.

"Upload" allows you to select the books from your Book Crawler database to upload to Goodreads.  "All" will upload your entire database.  "Collection" allows you to upload books from the a specific collection.  "Tag" allows you to upload books with a specific tag.

"Download" allows you to specify which shelf you would like to download from Goodreads.  Shelves are translated to tags in Book Crawler.  As an example, the "currently-reading" shelf will be downloaded and given the tag "currently-reading".

Press the action button to begin the transfer.