Data Recovery Mode


Obtaining Book Crawler data directly from your device

There is a way to open up Book Crawler without trying to load any data files.

First, make sure the app has been shutdown before-hand.

Then select this link on your device:


This link will open up BC in the import/export mode with a special interface for accessing/viewing your data files.  You will be able to see what files are available on your device and how many entries are in each of these files.  Selecting a file will also give you the ability to reduce the image sizes, compress the file, or import the file.  Importing a file will also attempt to repair the database file if something is wrong with it.  When you import a file, the file is copied to the previously loaded file, so be certain that you no longer want to load the current database before performing this operation.  If you are uncertain, copy the file off your device via iTunes file sharing or your Dropbox account.

If you are in need of support, you can press the email button to send me your files.  It will let you know if the size exceeded the email limitations, in which case you can use Dropbox to upload the remaining files.  To use Dropbox, press "Link" (if your account has not already been linked and/or you haven't yet created your free account).  Once your account has been linked to Book Crawler, press "Backup" to upload a zipped file of your application contents.  This will generate an email with a link to the contents of your app so that I may take a further look at it.


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