Miscellaneous Settings

  • Batch Scanning

Batch scanning is the optimal setting to use when more than one book will be scanned at a time.  It will cause the scanner to continue until the application is exited (when using pic2shop) or done is pressed (when using zbar).  When this setting is turned OFF, Book Crawler will automatically display the book details and search for information associated with the ISBN scanned.

  • Goodreads Reviews

Turn this setting ON to view reviews from Goodreads.  Turn this setting OFF if you are concerned with bandwidth consumption.  Goodreads will automatically be searched when this is on when book detail is viewed.

  • Social Networks

This is a setting to provide the previous interface to Facebook and Twitter should you decide that you do not wish to use the latest Community feature.

  • Condensed Display

This will show a condensed view of book data when displaying the list of books.  No cover artwork will be displayed, just the title and author. Most people will want to keep this set to OFF.

  • Large Database

This setting is  an optimization intended for larger databases (~1000+).  When viewing books sorted by author, the sections will be divided by the first letter of the last name instead of being sectioned by the full name.  Internal searches will also wait to be performed until the Search button is pressed instead of happening as the entry is typed.

  • Predefined Genres/Formats

Set "Predefined Genres/Formats" to "OFF" to remove the pre-defined values that aren't being used.

  • Custom Label

This setting defines the label for the custom field. This will help you keep track of what you are using each custom field for.

  • Input Method

This setting defines the default input method to use when adding new books. It allows you to circumvent the menu option when you intend to select the same option each time.

  • CSV Encoding

This setting allows you to set the encoding of an imported and exported CSV file.  By default, it is set to "8-bit ISO Latin".  It will produce an empty csv file when that encoding fails because there are characters that can't be represented by the current setting.  If this happens, try setting it to another encoding until you find success.

  • Scanner

This setting allows you to choose which scanner the ISBN scanner defaults to.