Why can't I import my CSV file?

Why isn't my CSV file importing?

There are three main settings for a CSV file within the app.  By default, the app will assume that the CSV file is created with a mac computer and uses commas to delimit the columns.  These assumptions, along with the file encoding, can be changed within the app on the Settings page.  

"Format" represents the line separator used by the spreadsheet application to delimit each line.  A Windows machine uses a carriage return ('\r') and a Macintosh uses a newline ('\n').  A symptom of this problem is that Book Crawler will read the entire file as one record even though you may have many records present in the file.

"Delimiter" represents the column separator used by the spreadsheet application to delimit each column.  This may presently be changed to comma, tab, or semi-colon.

"Encoding" represents how the character's within the file are saved.  This becomes more important for representing languages outside of the English language.  Not all of the characters can be expressed by the same encoding and the appropriate encoding may need to be selected.  Many different choices are available and trial and error may be necessary.


The first line of the file must be an expression of how the columns should be interpreted.  It should begin with a pound symbol ('#') and be followed by the names of columns used by Book Crawler.  Please see this link that describes the column names that can be used to describe the data: