Database version warning

If Book Crawler has detected that a previous version of your database exists which contains more books than your current one, please verify that you are viewing the correct data.  If this is the correct version of your database, please select "Ignore" so that you no longer see this warning each time the database is loaded.  If this may be an issue, please follow these instructions to load an alternate version of your database.


Example of warning  database utilities  database list


Proceed to Utilities -> DB and select your current database.  The database that is currently loaded will be denoted with a checkmark. Please select each version listed under "Local Versions" to see more information about each file.  Once you have determined your current version, you can load it by pressing the "Load" button listed on the information window.  If you have determined that your version is indeed correct, please disregard this and press "Ignore" the next time you see this warning message.


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