• Viewing a book

Viewing a book

Add Edition

"Add Edition" provides you with the ability to associate an alternate edition of this book record.  The fields in the second table, cover artwork, and the comment represent the new information in an "edition" record.  All other information including authors, tags, and the "original" copyright are shared.


Tags can be associated with the book while in "Edit" mode.

"Add Tag" will allow you to select from tags already entered, or conversely, enter a new tag into the search bar.  Press "Save" to associate the tag to the book.

While in "Edit" mode, you can remove a tag by pressing the red "-" next to the tag.


The price is assumed to be your locales currency.  No conversions are made on alternate currencies.


The link field can be used to open other applications.  "iBooks", "Kindle", "Stanza", "Google Books", or "Nook" can be selected to open the respective application when pressed in non-edit mode.

Unfortunately, these apps don't provide a way to open to a certain book or query for the books contained within the app.  I've contacted the developers with this request, but no one has responded to me.  I will be happy to implement it on my end if it ever becomes available.  Perhaps if enough users contact them it will become possible!

Alternatively, turn on "Manual" to enter a URL.  As an example, "http://www.chiisai.com" entered into the link field will open safari to that URL when pressed in non-edit mode.  You can also enter any link which will open an application on an iOS device.  Goodreader provides the ability to copy a link that will open to a specific document.  Pasting the link into this field will open to the associated document when pressed in non-edit mode.


If an invalid URL is entered into this field, it will be treated a a custom field.


The "Link" field can also be renamed under Settings.


Information requires an internet connection (either through Wi-FI, cellular, etc).

Edition Information

This will display the book overview, a link to the google preview (if available), edition information, and a list of subjects.  The Google previews are only available from the Google website, so pressing this link will take you to Safari and exit this application.  


Goodreads Reviews (Goodreads Reviews must be turned ON under Settings)

This will display a list of reviews found in Goodreads.  Select a review to display the entire review.