All searches require an internet connection (either through Wi-FI, cellular, etc)


The edition is searched by the title, author, and/or isbn. Books with the Google preview icon in the lower left-hand corner have a preview available on Google's website.

    • Filtering by language
    • To filter the list of books found by language, enter you preferred language and select "YES". The filtering is done by the ISBN country code, so if no ISBN was found, the edition will be filtered out.
    • Filtering by title
    • Filtering the books by title will only display the books that have an exact match for the title entered on the previous screen.


Only one edition can currently be selected at a time.  Use the author interface if you wish to select multiple editions during each search.

Apple Store

This search will allow you to find purchase options of eBooks and audio books through the Apple stores.  Selecting a result will show you a synopsis of the book and allow you to enter iTunes or iBooks to view the entry.



The Library search will utilize WorldCat to display locations of nearby libraries containing the book.  This feature requires location services to be enabled.