• Viewing a book

Viewing a book

Editing copyright

The copyright screen allows you to enter/edit two different dates. The "Original" copyright is reserved for the first edition whereas the "Edition" copyright is specific to the edition you are editing/viewing. The two copyright dates are maintained so that you can sort your books by the original copyright. This is helpful when you are trying to pull up the order of books in a series.

Editing ISBN / ASIN

Contains a field for both the ISBN and ISBN-13. An ISBN keyboard will appear when a field is selected for editing. The ISBN must contain 10 characters and the ISBN-13 must contain 13 characters.

Turn Kindle ON to indicate the book is a kindle and enter the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

Optionally you can press "ISBN Reader" to retrieve the EAN code by the scanner.  This does not automate the search.  After pressing save press the search key to populate information.

Editing author / collection / genre / series / publisher / format / loan

The screens for entering/editing a genre, author, format, or collection are all similar. Select the "x" in the search bar to clear your entry and start typing your value. Currently known values are displayed in the list below. Select "Save" to enter your new value or "Cancel" to keep your old value.