Sharing requires an internet connection (either through Wi-FI, cellular, etc).


This option will provide you with a list of books written by the author you are viewing to send to an email address.



This option will allow you to share an author with the book crawler community and, optionally, other social networks.

A geo-location is provided with the community post.  You are able to adjust the location by moving the map.  By default, privacy is turned on.  This means that the geo-location will be randomized to within your settings under Community -> Profile.  The default setting is five miles.

The tag will control how information is posted.  A review tag will post the book as a "review" in Goodreads, other tags will post as a "status update" in Goodreads.  The reading tag will allow you to include your current page or the percent of the book that has been read.

You may optionally post the book to the other networks listed (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Goodreads).

Press "Share" to share the book to all selected networks.


Facebook (available when Social Networks is ON)

This option will allow you to make a post to your facebook wall.


Twitter (available when Social Networks is ON)

This option will allow you to tweet this book to your twitter account.